Skagway Flights

Skagway Flightseeing

Flightseeing is possibly one of the best ways to view Skagway and the surrounding area. Highlights include Glacier Bay, Lynn Canal, and all the islands, mountains, and glaciers around. Mountain Flying Service has being offering this longer than any other air taxi in the area.

Skagway Plane Tours

Skagway plane tours are the most effective way to tour the widest range of that part of Southeast Alaska. The areas around Skagway are highly mountainous, while provide amazing scenery from the ground it often block much of the natural beauty off the trail.

Skagway Air Taxis

Air taxi's in Skagway offer flights to many remote locations, flightseeing tours, travel between nearby communities.

Flights to Skagway

There are a couple air lines in Skagway that offer regularly scheduled flights between Skagway, Haines and Juneau. Mountain Flying Service has charter flights to fit your schedule. Since you'll charter the entire plane, the more passengers you have the more feasible it becomes.

Alaska Adventures

Another great adventure if you have time in Alaska is backpacking Wrangell National Park with Tok Air Service.

Glacier Viewing

Flights to view glaciers such as Davidson Glacier, Mc Bride Glacier, and La Perouse are available from Skagway.